Annoying Neighbors

Story #0935
Rogers , Arkansas, United States
Last Updated: 6/19/2006 1:15:23 PM
Residents Beware of a shady lady by the name of Kim Langstaff, Longstaff, Gentry and Wrinkles. She is a friend while your purse is open but catch her with her fingers near your wallet and she becomes a back stabbing, gossiping hooch! We tried to be good neighbors but since she has been taking off of the bbq and fun list with in our circle she has turned into someone you do not want to live next too. She is a thief and the last rumor she started about us is we were dealing drugs when confronted she backed down and I INFORMED HER the suspicious car parked between our houses was a tree trimmer and not a drug smuggler. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Weird!! Watch out for her and screen name brattymama69.
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