Annoying Neighbors

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Carroll, Iowa, United States
Last Updated: 8/14/2015 10:00:11 PM
Mine has been a nightmare for the past 8 years. The family (married couple, 2 teen boys now and a pre-teen daughter). He doesn't like my fenced in yard front & back. He says I fake my disability, live off taxpayers, etc... He blames me for a lot of things. I'm not sure how he knows so much, but yet so little about me. There is an 8 foot privacy fence between us, but somehow he still claims to know so much about me. I was always taught to speak in the "I" statements. However, with him all he could do the other day was say you, you, etc... About 6 years ago we did go back and forth to annoy each other; however, I guess I have matured, but this guy hasn't, which is a shame as he is just as immature as the kids he teaches. He is a middle school PE teacher and behaves as such. On Monday when he was talking at me, I could not get a word in at all to try to answer his questions, which I assume then were statements. He was making some outrageous accusations and I wish I had been ready for his "outburst" so I could have recorded it. He seemed to think I do things to him to annoy him. I didn't this time as some things just need to be done. He wanted me to be a "normal" person and knock on his door. Yeah, right... Last time I tried that, he told me to get off his property. So yeah, I contacted the police to deal with what I was wanting done. He just was having a temper tantrum.
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