Annoying Neighbors

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Walnut Creek, California, US Minor Outlying Islands
Last Updated: 6/7/2007 12:07:37 AM
OK MY SITUATION HAS BEEN SUCH A NIGHTMARE I NOW HAVE SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS..HERE IS MY STOREY. About 3 years ago a man from Texas and his Russian mail order bride moved BELOW ME into the apt. complex I live in. They have been here now for about 4 years. I have lived here with my son for about 13 years. (I'm a single mother now in nursing school) Ok - i have had many neighbors, even some freshly out of college and never experienced the kind of noise i experience for the last 4 years. it goes on day and night like loud explosions and him yelling at the woman'Girl where is my dinner?' or get naked!! he is an obnoxious hick. Totally deranged and ignorant and sooooooo loud it is hard to explain. THe banging noises makes my heart skip beats etc. I now have a heart problem. i also developed asthma. I know this noise is causing my health problems, I even now have an ulcer. I can't afford to move. It really is a nightmare. I have asked him nicely to keep the noise down and he just stares at me blankly. Very odd behavior. His wife just takes it. I'm sorry, but I think she's an idiot. They keep me awake at night and living now is a nightmare becuase of "noise". I never thought noise would ever be a problem. I'm an Italian/Irish City girl and can handle a little yelling now and then, but this situation is literally INSANE!!! He really never stops yelling or banging ----!! And the noise got worse when I complained. My father, an old school Sicilian asked him to keep the noise down very nicely. He told my dad he would call the police on him. What a HICK!! Anyway, I will have to move because the landlord refuses to kick him out saying he is the type that would sue him and say it's discrimination agginst his stupid kids. What a winner. Thanks for reading me ramble.. Sorry I wen't on and on. THank you
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