Annoying Neighbors

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Austin, Texas, United States
Last Updated: 7/3/2006 3:25:12 PM
Had a couple guys just move into the duplex next door last Thursday. They started off by blocking the driveway with thier two cars. They have a carport for one car, and the other should be parked on the street, as I do. No big deal, so far, but yesterday they had about 25-30 people drinking and partying in the driveway. They didn't even bother to invite me, muchless let me know they were having a party. Seems like common courtesy to me. While going in and out of my front door, the people at thier party wouldn't even look my direction, as if there wasn't even antother house there. They even went so far as to gather around my front door, yelling and hitting each other. Finally, I had to go out and ask them to quiet down. They did, for about an hour, and then it started up again. I really hate to start a new relationship with a neighbor this way, and hopefully this will be a one time occurance. They have already worn out thier welcome as far as I'm concerned.
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