Annoying Neighbors

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Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania
Last Updated: 1/23/2005 9:38:59 PM
So its Christmas time- presents, joyous celebration, etc etc etc. Its christmas eve, and we hear a tap on our door, and there stands our neighboors. They hand us a basket full of cookies, and we thank them. Upon opening the basket, find hidden below the ginger snaps a copy of "JESUS- THE MOVIE." My mother, an ex-christian, began to feel guilty, so she forces us to watch the WHOLE THING on christmas eve. Three hours. A lot of guilt. Then later in the week, it snows, and at the bright hour of 8 in the morning, my born-again neighboors do the pious thing, and shovel our drive way. exactly half of it. So I am forced by my folks to go out there, half asleep, and groggily shovel the other half before my family's image becomes completely sinful. My neighboors guilt me into hating them.
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