Annoying Neighbors

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Pocatello, Idaho, United States
Last Updated: 10/12/2003 11:33:12 AM
My neighbors used to play their music pretty loud, but after talking to them a couple of times, they've been nice enough to turn it down. I realize that not everyone is as lucky. There is also a slight parking problem at our place, but it's nothing that one can't ignore. It still pisses me off though. For anybody living by stupid neighbors, the best advice I could give you is to simply move as soon as you can. Whether you have to break the lease or sell the place, whatever it takes. It's not worth it to keep living next to trash. Your health is at risk here since it's more than likely stressing you out. But don't let it end there. Moving is the first part. Getting revenge is the other. If people are playing music at 2-5AM, trashing their yards or your yard, and just being ignorant bastards, don't let them off the hook. There are so many ideas on the net on how to seek revenge. Make their lives a living hell. And keep doing it for the amount of time they purposly annoyed you. No sympathy and no remorse and no mercy. Make them pay. Just make sure you don't get caught and you don't start anything till you move away. Happy hunting!!
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