Annoying Neighbors

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Lake Jackson, Texas, United States
Last Updated: 2/22/2008 6:13:06 PM
My husband and I have lived in the same apartment complex for 7 months now.. our neighbors are pigs! They have parties all hours of the night. Leaving empty beer cans outside, even glass ones that break for people to step on. There was one instance where a lady showed up with her 4/5 year old son to visit them at 3 am only to leave and continue drinking and driving! They constantly fight, slamming doors and yelling late into the night! They are not married and the guy has two kids from another relationship. LOSER! They are such pieces of sh*t that both their cars need to be fully repaired to work properly! He just blew the head gaskets on his Mustang because he is a dumbass and let it get too hot before realizing it when he was in Pearland one day.. he even said he heard clanking.. what an IDIOT!? She is just as bad, her car has no muffler, so you can hear her car ROAR off every single f*cking time she leaves!! But when he drives it you cant really hear him come/go. So what the f*ck is her problem!? She is a nasty lil b*tch, she only 'cleans' their apartment once in while.. like when the empty beer boxes pile up! Their friends are scum too. One girl who came over for a visit, who happened to be drunk, came outside to use her cellphone and proceeded to talk VERY loudly about how the person on the other end needs to come and get her because 'she has something for them'. SKANK! That's not all.. they have this annoying little grey and white cat that roams the apartment complex meowing, looking for food because they do not take care of it. I saw someone in a blue car drive off with it last night only for the darn thing to show back up this morning somehow! I hope to God the rumor of them moving to a different number apartment is true because our lease is soon up for renewal and I am rethinking staying in this hell hole! PS. A BIG thank you to the Oyster Creek Apartment Managers for handling this situation with such accuracy. Adrienne
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