Annoying Neighbors

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Last Updated: 6/20/2006 3:26:55 AM
I have always wanted to rebuild a classic car I finally foud one that fit my needs a 55 2dr wagon it is a little rough but fixable I was delivered and immeditaly the neighbor is giving me daggers so I start working on it cutting out rust and grinding to make parts that fit he makes smart remarks, I try to ignore him I caught him cutting my grass I told him to get the Fu*k off my property he attacked me with a weed eater I should have called the cops but I didn't. So I buy a runnng car to upgrade the motor and transmission the weather changes and I start working on the donor car removing wiring harnesses etc to go into my project car I start to get the engine ready for removal and he turns up his radio full blast I try to ignore him and put in ear plugs and keep working men while the pile of junk is building up and I thought when I was done with the parts car I would call the junk man to haul it off for nothing Well I came home tonight to a public nusince complaint from him and basically I can't work on my own car during daylight because he can't handle the noise I am making it totally pissed me off I can see the junk build up yes but all he had to do was when I would be getting rid of the junk but he has no Balls and is real sneaky and back stabbing SOB a professional private investigator and thinks his sh-- don't stink it does but he has his head so far up his ass he can't smell it so what I di was called my friend loaded all of the stuff he was complaining about into the car and had it hauled away I will pull the engine and transmission and bring it back and put it in while he watches me do it with a clean drive way it is a very good thing I don't own a hand gun otherwise he would be ----- and me in jail I played it smart and the day WILL COME when I get even
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