Annoying Neighbors

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Roanoke, Virginia
Last Updated: 4/5/2006 9:32:51 PM
Me and my husband moved into what seemed like a very quiet nice neighborhood when I was 9 months pregnant. The first people we met were an old couple that lives across the street. They started off being very nice, then it got much worse, it was like the more times you spoke with them, the more they pushed themselves on us. It started with tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. Then it went onto other things like, when we were trying to leave, they would run across the street and start conversations. Then it progressed to one day I took the blinds out of my son's room to replace them. A few days later, there was a bag with anew blinds and a note telling me they were for my son's room. So, they knew which room was my son's..that was a little creepy. Then there was a letter a few days later, saying that they had drapes for our windows, because anything would look better than what we had up. I didn't respond to this letter. So they started to call my house and leave messages, saying that they could see candles burning in our windows, and to come over. I still have no clue what that was about. So I noticed one day, when I was leaving the house they were standing in the doorway with drapes in their hands. I left. I came back, and they were still there, so I I wouldn't have to speak to them. Well today, my relatives came by, and they came out of the house to watch them get out of the car. They had put a stroller in our yard,. and because we didn't respond to it, she came across the yard and retrieved it so she could see my relatives. I have had enough, so I am writing a letter to them tonight..telling them we don't need any more stuff and thanks for the concern. My, they are insane!
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