Annoying Neighbors

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chaska, Minnesota, United States
Last Updated: 4/26/2006 10:26:21 PM
We live in an townhouse in Chaska, MN. The complex houses quite a few families who live off section 8 and welfare. It seems the neighbors spend more time at home than they do working. They can't afford to pay their own rent (which isn't that expensive, by the way), but they manage to pay for cable television and new cars. Of course they don't pay their rent on time, either, in the words of the apartment management. I suppose the cable bill has to get paid first. I wouldn't doubt but what us taxpayers are paying their electric bills, too. We conserve electricity, but our bill is always suspiciously high, especially now, since we have stopped using heat. Whenever I come home from work to eat lunch, there are many, very small children, unsupervised of course, playing in the parking lot and on the sidewalks. It resembles an overcrowded farm or zoo. The neighbors hang plastic bags with dirty diapers in them, off their door handles. I suppose their parents are too busy watching cable to get off the couch and get their children out of the parking lot and throw their garbage in the very nearby dumpster. There are children screaming almost all day long. I'm suprised the cops haven't been called on some of these people who clearly neglect their children. It appears that our neighbors have no respect for noise ordinances or other residents or earning a living, not using other's money to get by. I'm tired of living next to people who don't work, play loud music and get away with it, scream, and crowd over the legal limit of four people into a two-bedroom rental residence. I have to live by the rules, why don't my neighbors?
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