Annoying Neighbors

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Palm Coast, Florida, United States
Last Updated: 7/28/2005 2:41:08 PM
BOOM-BOOM BOOM-BOOM BOOM-BOOM and on and on it goes...for as long as 11 hours per day. I don't live in the ghetto. I live in a nice (formerly quiet) neighborhood with generally nice neighbors. Until that is, a house down the street was built and rented out to people who think that the entire state of Florida enjoys their music. I think they are college students or something because they were gone for two months (and it was sooooo peaceful). I just keep praying that they will move out (before I go completely insane) and that someone nice will move in. I work from home as well as homeschool my children and I hate feeling like I want to run away from my own house. That's not why we bought a house. We bought a house to enjoy it. I feel like they are stealing my enjoyment from me. Their music is impossible to ignore when it makes one's eardrums vibrate. --- If only I could give back to them without bothering my other neighbors I WOULD.
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