Annoying Neighbors

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Hustonville, Kentucky, United States
Last Updated: 2/5/2008 4:04:54 AM
We've lived at our current home for over a year now, and have had our trash cans demolished countless times by our neighbor's dogs across the street. They have 3 dogs that they let run loose all the time~which is against the law here. Almost everyone on the street has dogs, including us, but we all have fenced-in yards like any resposible dog owner should. We avoided saying anything for a long time, because our daughter and theirs play together all the time. Finally, my husband asked the woman to "Please keep her dogs out of our trash". This woman let loose with a tirade of curse words that I could NOT BELIEVE~~considering we were at our daughters' Elementary school basketball game at the time! Classy, huh? I didn't say anything there because of the setting we were in, but when we got back home...did it fly?!?! (my daughter wasn't in attendance, but hers was) It almost became physical, but was broken up. Then 2 nights later her alcoholic husband comes out with a baseball bat threatening to kill my husband! I called the police, but they said there was nothing they could do....see the Co. Attny in the morning!!!! All of this for asking politely instead of just calling Animal Control... And people around here wonder why they call Kentuckians inbred hillbillies......
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