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owings mills, Maryland, United States
Last Updated: 10/24/2005 10:14:32 PM
So I've never felt the need to bitch about a neighbor before, or for that matter post it to the internet but when you complain to management time and time again and it takes months for them to do something you have to let it out. As you have probably guessed I live in an apartment and the bitch(as she can only be described)upstairs is the annoying nieghbor. She and her kid (who is no more than 2) make so much banging that at times it sounds as if the cieling will cave in. And these aren't random at all, we are woken up at 8 am with it and kept up til 12 with it. We can tell exactly when she comes home and not by seeing her vehicle in the parking lot which is another contention, she refuses to park in a parking spot even though there are about 6 available all the time. no she has to park in the fire lane in front of the building you know god forbid there actually was a fire and the fire trucks couldn't get in close cause she's blocking the way. Granted this all may not seem like much but when you live with it everyday it gets old. But this isn't all. She hasn't paid her water bill in like 3 months, and when we finally got management to listen and understand that if something wasn't done we wouldn't pay our rent, we found out that she isn't even supposed to have the kid living with her. And ours weren't the first complaints. I just hate people that are in considerate. But unlike some of you my story has a happy ending. See telling maintenance we wouldn't pay our rent if something wasn't done finally did the trick. The bitch is now getting evicted. So those of you who live in apartments and have annoying neighbors that you wish would just die, well sit done with a copy of your lease, find every stupid clause that your annoying neighbor is breaking, then write a letter stating the broken clauses and the fact that you won't pay rent until it's taken care of and send it to your leasing office. and hopefully your annoying neighbor will get evicted too.
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