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Last Updated: 6/21/2004 6:28:08 PM
We're in a townhouse with a large common area connecting all the backyards. This is great for the kids to play together, and pretty much all the little ones here are great. Except for this one. He's 8 years old, mentally retarded, and completely unsupervised. His mom (who is also intellectually disabled) lets him out the back door and ignores him for hours. Of course he ends up in my yard. He has no ability to moderate the volume of his voice, he can't carry on a coherent conversation, he was still wearing diapers in grade one, his hands are constantly down his pants, and my 6 year old loves to play with him. Fantastic. I had a spat with his mom two years ago. Her squawking freak of a son hooked my little boy around the neck and threw him on the ground. I told my son to stay away from him if he was playing rough. Mom-tard was so angry that she threw my boy's toys down the hill and screamed at him. Two days later, she toddled over to my patio to chat. So I told her how I felt about her insane behaviour, and how she was not doing her child any favours acting that way. We haven't spoken since. BUT...she still lets the kid come to my backyard to play. He's so noisy and irritating and smelly that all the other children go inside when they see him coming. I don't want to be mean to the poor wretched creature, but I can't stand having him in my ****ing yard all summer. I've considered calling FCS after he volunteered the information that when he's sad and crying, his mom punishes him by sending him to bed without supper. He's four and a half feet tall and weighs 40 pounds. She's a total moron. No one will come near my place if he's there, and I worry that my child might be teased or ostracized because of his ***ociation. I am, however, extremely proud of my son when he sticks up for his friend and protects him from kids who tease him. But I still want to move. Like, now.
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