Annoying Neighbors

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Last Updated: 1/24/2005 4:56:34 PM
My neighbour used to complain about the smell of my yard due to my dog's "production". I used to clean up regularly after my dog, but in the winter it was impossible to clean up in the deep snow. The offending matter was frozen solid anyway. I used to find it amusing when he complained about the smell when it was -20 outside. His sense of smell would have had to have been better than my dog's to smell anything in that cold. Two days after my dog died, he cut off my vehicle with his as I was pulling away from my front yard to stop me to talk. His comment was "Now that my dog was dead, I'd better clean up the dog droppings soon before he had to report me to the local bylaw enforcement." Needless to say that when the snow melted almost 2 months later, I raked the "offending matter", which was pretty well biologically inert, into a pile and left it in plain sight where he could see it just to bug him.
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