Annoying Neighbors

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Great lakes , Illinois, United States
Last Updated: 8/20/2013 7:57:57 PM
It may not b a super huge problem but it does piss me off when people dont respect my area . I got this neighbors and they have 3 kids their kids broke a window in my kids room and i didnt notice it till almost a month later. I know it was them cause their the only ones that hang around my back yard which i hate. They throw their trash in out trashcan so i had to move it. They left a dumb ass note in my car telling us to pick up a few small sticks from our fireworks like geez big f deal but we did w out complaining but i wrote them a note back to knock on the door if u have a problem w us and not b a duche leaving notes basically and the other neighbors agreed. They have music loud in the daytime too its annoying. Just had to vent... Am i mad over nothing?
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