Annoying Neighbors

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Mathis, Texas, United States
Last Updated: 8/17/2009 10:17:34 PM
My neighbors are the worst! You know the saying "Keeping Up With The Jones'?" Well they know that saying all too well. We moved in about 3 yrs ago into our first home. Bought and Paid for. We already had a huge swimming pool. We let the the little girl come over a few times to swim then we put a stop to it. They went and bought the same swimming pool. We bought the kids a trampoline, they went and bought one, same with our lawnmower, grill, dogs, and even down to ferrets! I kid you not. We paint our house, they paint theirs. So on and so forth. Well, the problem is that they dont work. They get government checks every 1st of the month for disability which in no way shape or form are they disabled. They drink, party and do drugs every night. There are no men in the household just a great grandma, grandma and 2 kids (which the mom left) and the aunt. Men are constantly coming over and its just not good all around. These people are the worst.
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