Annoying Neighbors

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glenarm, Illinois, United States
Last Updated: 9/20/2013 4:37:21 PM
Neighbor had big old nasty booty call over several times, not discreet at all. Yes, I look when I hear car doors slam after 9. You be discreet and I will be. She's almost 40, over 250 lbs, has at least 2 kids - probably 2 baby daddies (you know you getting old when booty calls show up in minivans LOL), way too much time in tanning bed or something wrong with skin, going through divorce & probably a hair dresser with skanky shop in her house (he goes for bar tenders & hair dressers, but he said "she don't drink, don't smoke, so I don't know how long it will last. 3 months maybe."). She obliviously doesn't google or have any self respect cause if you don't drink or smoke, why be with a smoker w/4 dui's and has to blow to go. Anyway, she tried talking to my husband one night & I texted him & told him to keep his strays in his yard (he met her on dating website). He comes over says "she's a good girl." Sure she is, you don't even have to buy her dinner. Just as bad as hooker on corner and I don't want that on my corner. Then, someone turns him in for burning on his property & he blames me. Then he burns it, and does it again and blames me again (didn't you just get a notice saying not to do that WTF is wrong with you). Says he has "friends". Guess what? I work for federal depart of health & I have bigger & better friends when I show my badge. Got voice mail saying he was a liar and that the tips were anonymous phone calls. He then takes it out on our kids and my dog. Fine. What a baby! Wonder if that umbilical cord gets in the way with booty call? Whatever, he has to drive through my yard to get to his backyard (not even his, ex-step dad or something had to buy it for him, give him landscape business & mommy got him job at college). Not going to happen anymore. Problem solved.
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