Annoying Neighbors

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Forked River, New Jersey, United States
Last Updated: 1/1/2016 5:42:39 AM
I moved here three years ago took me forever to get a house, so happy. The house is cute and pretty new and great. The neighbor next to me is a bit of a hick, he ended up plowing all the trees down between us and totally destroyed his property it now looks like a meteor hit it or 'no man's land' from WW1. no joke. He works on cars and he shoves them all on the side of his house near his garage which is the FRONT of my house! His house faces the other way. He doesn't even wanna see his own junk!!! So he keeps collecting these cars, then each month theres more and more crap in the front. I'm OCD so it's so frustrating and hard to deal with, I called the town they do nothing. I wish there was an opening to another route of my street so I don't have to face him but it's a dead end and he's on the corner and I MUST LOOK AT THIS TRASHY YARD EVERYDAY. ThaT'S hard when you're OCD. Many people I know even the fence guy (which I had a fence installed and trees so I don't see him) said how horrific the yard was. Neighbors, friends, all say stuff. I'm embarrassed to live here and have people over. Why does he have to be on the corner? Why. I tried to talk to him, he ignores me. I have run out of ideas, the house wasn't like this when I bought it. Any suggestions on how to cope?
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