Annoying Neighbors

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shreveport, Louisiana, United States
Last Updated: 9/6/2007 12:09:03 AM
It all started when my landlord wanted us to put up a barrier so the neighbors could not turn around in our driveway to keep the yard from anymore holes from vehicles. My heavyset, extremely large neighbor took this to offense & got angry. Oh by the way, it's two duplexes on each side of a public driveway. He starts barking at our dog through our window & blowing his horn constantly. He broke some of my pretty yard decor & bent poles we have beside the house. He blocks the driveway, annoys us, parties & shows his big butt. We are quiet people & just want peace. is there anything wrong with that. He has plenty of room on his side to turn around. We take the barrier down for awhile to see if that was the problem, apparently it was. He stops the stupidity until we go outside & he catches us out there & yells at us & does these stupid dances along with his idiotic girlfriend. We are putting back up the barrier tonight because he tells his friends with their huge vehicles he can turn in our driveway. I want to move, we just can't afford to. Signed, disaster relief.
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