Annoying Neighbors

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Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Last Updated: 8/30/2007 9:14:55 PM
I have the most annoying neighbors. At this point It is best to say I just don't like them. Our first day moving into the house our neighbor came out in his pajama to blatantly ask how much we paid for our house. Since that time we have had to file 3 insurance claims against them since the wife should have never been issued a valid U.S. Drivers license. Our most recent accident was when she hit my car in our shared driveway and continued to drive off as if nothing ever happened. We reported to our local police district only to find out her insurance had been canceled several months prior to this date. I do not blame the insurance companies for canceling her insurance. It is really amazing to know that after reporting this to the attorney general, her licensed still had not been revoked. She continued to drive until she experienced another accident and had to have her van repaired. This accident could have been prevented by the proper authorities. They not have decided to get a dog for the kids. the dog has a vicious side to him/her and has attempted to attacked several neighbors and pedestrians. The children climb on top of their cars from front to back like animals at times. The 6 year old grabs the car keys and comes out to start the car up for the mother in the mornings. It is truly scary to know they are teaching their children to drive at such an early age in the same manner in which they operate their vehicle. I think it is wise to say these are not U.S. born citizens although we are living in the land of many cultures.
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