Annoying Neighbors

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Last Updated: 5/27/2015 9:56:11 PM
Well, I live in the suburbs of Grand Rapids. The City of Wyoming. I moved here about eight months ago. I realize Wyoming is not the most desirable city, but it's my first home purchase. We have decided to make many upgrades and move in no more than two years. The annoying neighbors are Carl Vandenberge and his roommate at 121 Oneida St, Wyoming, MI 49548 and James Sullivan at 123 Oneida (next door). Moving in, Carl and his roommate park their cars on their front yard, park their POS old Honda Civic on the street for weeks at a time without being moved. It looks like complete s***. Trash in their front yard, an American flag that was on the front steps for several days. And this guy is a former Marine! He's now fat and lazy. He and his roommate will rev their motorcycle for over an hour. They never cut their grass, never plow their driveway in winter. The city contacted them about their trashy yard, so I saw they had some woman friend over cleaning it all up. Too lazy to do it themselves. Neighbor James Sullivan is a drunk. Nickname is "Weasel". Sits in his garage with the light off, drinking and has the music blasting. I estimate this guy is in his fifties. POS Ford Ranger was revving in his driveway at 11:30 p.m. last winter. Revving it on ice. That's great. Police called. He was stumbling as he talked to police. His sister lives with him. Don't see her much. I assume she has a job, as we leave for work and return home at nearly the same times. Of course, they have trash in their yard and their house needs seriouis outside repairs.
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