Annoying Neighbors

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Bath, Pennsylvania
Last Updated: 9/10/2009 5:15:57 PM
there's an old house across my street which this family bought about 2 years ago.. so they decide to paint it this hideous yellow color with lite green shutters. its like an old farmhouse type thing w/ two stories. anyway they have like 6 kids all like 3,4,5,6 yr olds and one who mite be idk 9ish and this is the real annoying part. the parents do not watch the kids at all in fact i barely ever see them outside... the kids have this whole big backyard to play in (there's no front yard) but they decide to run around in the street instead. the 2 cars are parked in front of the house and they always pop out unexpectedly when your coming down the road. i mean its like these tiny little kids running around the street in other ppls yard, once they were throwing giant chunks of grass and dirt into the street and somebodys yard. the boys never have shirts on and its like 6 degrees outside. they scream and scream and scream and run around, parking their bikes on the sidewalks and leaving s*** in on the porch and clothes hanging in the trees and stuff. then they have a dog, a husky i think, which is tied outside, rite next to the road ALL DAY sometimes it gets loose and whenever we catch it i notice its incredibly skinny, like you can see its ribs through its fur. and then at nite the kids are in their room upstairs, screaming, and theres NO WINDOW just an old, wrecked up door covering it. i swear one time, in the POURING RAIN, one of them was on the roof!!!! im surprised one..or all for that matter, hasnt died yet!
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