Annoying Neighbors

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Staten Island
Last Updated: 8/8/2006 8:43:50 PM
We live in a quiet pretty suburban neighborhood. The people who surround us are sort of okay except for this lunatic neighbor and her entire family. We have had numerous fights that have actually become physical, many visits from the police department and constant harrassing from her, her family, her children and their friends, and even their guests. This woman who is 39 years old needs to be on some kind of medication-her mother is a certific mental nut! Obviously it is genetic! We will not move and are willing to drive her into a padded room eventually-just by us living here. We are good people, we bother no one-we keep to ourselves. We are good neighbors, if you need something we will try to help. We moved here 10 years ago, there were no small children and I was much disappointed because my son was 18 months old. Two years later this BITCH moves next door. Her kids were 5 and 3 years old. I thought "PERFECT" my son has someone to play with!!!!! You know the old saying "be careful what you ask for". Her and her husband are the type of people who think if your kid can fight then they deserve a badge of honor-they were bullies and mean destructive kids. I am not saying that kids shouldn't be kids but there is a time when you should teach your kids right from wrong. They have all kinds of junk cars parked in their driveway and he works on them occaisionally-someone who was selling their house two blocks away asked where we lived and when we told her she said she was interested in the house we were living in 10 years ago. She said that's the house next to the guy who uses his driveway as a mechanic shop! We were shocked-not only did she know about the cars she also said plenty of the kids who lived there. So I need not say much about them people see plenty on their own. They are the SHITTIEST NEIGHBORS!!!!!!!!!
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