Annoying Neighbors

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Last Updated: 4/18/2019 6:51:15 AM
This neighborhood has become a pit of crap with crap neighbors moving in. What has happened to humanity? This used to be a great place. I have a neighbor to the west who has caused a two alarm fire once, burned up three adjacent yards two times and burned down 4 adjacent yards once. Even though the fire department gives his stupid ass citations, he keeps on burning trash and plastic pvc pipe. Causing people with asthma and respiratory illnesses to be sent to the emergency rooms. Why don't they take him away? The neighbor to the north comes out at 11:30 or later pm and shakes, kicks and rattles the fence calling our dogs name. Trying to get him to bark so they can tell him to shut up. They jump at the fence and bark, then complain when the dog wants to eat them. These are older people. This nut even chased down the post man and threatened to kill him. Just because the postman did not have any mail for him. The good neighbors to the south are leaving, they will not put up with this crap any more. Also having their property burned up by the nut to the west. The guy to the east chooses to stay at work. Working is better than facing the crap in the neighborhood. So what to do? Leave like everyone else? Why do I have to leave when my family came out here when this was just a pile of sand and worked the land. Dug by hand water wells, and made a fit place to live out of desert and waste. Albuquerque has become a lawless, nut filled area of possible sub human individuals. I am afraid I will have to leave too. Just like everyone else who worked for what they had.
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