Annoying Neighbors

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Ottawa rural, Ontario, Canada
Last Updated: 8/6/2004 12:13:09 PM
My neighbour Hates us!! She is around 50 years old or near to it. Karen has no children,husband,boyfriend. She never leaves her home but for shopping. Karen claims to be a writer hence her excuse for constant complaints on my children and their friends. One day the kids have the radio on too loud..keep in mind I am fairly rural on the river with a huge yard. In the summer months my children enjoy sleeping in the tent trailer in the back-yard sometimes ONLY in the day never after or even near 11 pm they will have a radio on when they play cards. to make a long story short radio broke lol...but she still whines to bylaw about them talking at night ...even bylaw thinks complaining on children talking and giggling is over the top. aparently mine is the first complaint of that sort.we moved a small running mazda pickup in the backyard she complained about that to our landlord.. we all laughed due to the fact she would need radar eyes to see it through her think hedge. She loves to gossip amongst other neighbours this is what tipped me off from the start something isnt right with karen. Sure she gossips about us ,I mean she obviously has plenty of spare time to spy on my family through her her hedge once on my sons and their friends with a flashlight ( that has me nervous for obvious reasons) another time I was sitting on the picnic table and my spouse was hugging me thinking this was a private thing only to see her agien peeking like a pervert through the hedges..My spouse mooned her LMAO!!!! it hasnt happened agien...yet knock on wood!! last year my kids were riding on a golf cart they fixed up in the yard she called bylaw and aparently for my caddilac too its too loud... bylaw came and laughed with me he thought the harley golf cart was cool and is a big fan of flowmaster exhaust systems whew!! I am so frustrated with this unemployed waste of skin!! wish she go buy husband in a box and leave the neighbours alone....even a real job would help this spinster!!
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