Annoying Neighbors

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Biloxi, Mississippi, United States
Last Updated: 11/25/2006 10:36:53 PM
I have some neighbors to the top of me in a 3 story apartment complex. When my wife and I first moved in here, everything was quite, and very peaceful, and then some illegal immigrant s***head decided to move above us. Actually he isn't illegal, but I don't count him as an American because s*** doesn't have a nationality. Anyway after he and his fat burrito pig ass wife moved in above, my life has been nothing but a living hell. First thing in the morning, he and his wife wake up to have sex. Now keep in mind, this guy is little and his wife is biggggggg. It's like a piss ant f***ing an elephant. Second, the fat burrito b**** decides to do a workout, above my head while I'm catching the morning news. I can seriously hear all of the lice b****in about the stinch they have to endure on this nasty whore. Then I go to work, ahhh peace from the Mexico Rican, or whatever the f*** this slimeball is. Then I get home, and the dude is upstairs doing something with this mutt of his. I think he f***s it up it's ass. Hell if I had a wife that looked like his, I'd rather f*** a dog. Then he turns his Mexico Rican music up so loud I can hear the f***in haggard language of spanish infiltrating my superior apartment below. And to finish my night off this demon mutt gets locked into the bathroom all night long and is left to bark the entire f***ing night, while I peacefully contemplate the neighbors gruesome, bloody death. Ah, apartment life. FUCK THAT SHIT
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