Annoying Neighbors

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Paulding County, Georgia, United States
Last Updated: 11/27/2006 7:35:43 PM
I live in Burnt Hickory Estates, and spend 90% of my time at home due to a spinal disability. My "lovely" neighbors of the past 10 years have a teenage son who has discovered loud music. One of his friends drives a small red SUV and they love to sit out in the driveway and listen to some of the raunchiest rap music I've ever heard at levels that rattle hangers in my closet on the opposite side of my house. Calling the parents has been fruitless - they never answer either cell phones or home phone. Calling the cops doesn't help either. Over the years, we've put up and shut up with the vagrancies of these annoying people. Their yard is the depository for four or five inoperable vehicles at a time. About a year ago, their dogs are left to fend for themselves in a small pen and they howled constantly. (A call to Animal Control ceased that.) Our county has a law against having more than one vehicle off-pavement. An anonymous call (not from us) caused them to straighten up somewhat a few years ago. But it's become a problem again, along with the terrible boom-boom-boom-boom. If it weren't for the unreasonable protections given to minors, I'd be tempted to take my husband's air pistol and shoot these idiot teenagers in their lazy butts.
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