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I live in a nice small 8 unit complex in Uptown. My upstairs neighbor, a hot mid-20's woman and her part-time live in boyfriend are driving me nuts. When he's there (usually three weeks a month) they have sex at 6am and 11pm almost every morning and night. I don't have an issue with sex its just that their bedroom is right above mine and I hear EVERYTHING. She's a moner and they talk dirty to each other plus the headboard bangs against the wall, etc. Sometimes my celing fan looks like its going to fall from the ceiling. Certainly they know I can hear them especially since I've complained to her about noise before (not about the sex didn't want to embarass her but I assumed she caught my drift). She walks around in heels, constantly moves furniture around, washes clothers at 3am, etc. I'm not someone who will call the cops or complain to the landlord, not my style. Turning up the radio or making my own load noises would only bother my other neighbors whom I have no problems with. I thought about squirting some Liguid Ass under their door but the building has security cameras so I figure someone would see me do it. Moving out isn't an option, I like where I'm at and besides I was the first one to move in a renovated building I shouldn't be the one to make a change. And besides I don't make any lous noises I'm quiet because I respect my neighbors rights. Anyone have any LEGAL ideas on how to get them to act like adults? Also my brother-in-law is a cop and he said that its hard to do anything about it. I've tried to tape record their noise for proof to the landlord but was told that is considered an illegal wiretap and I could be arrested for it. I say BS.
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