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Last Updated: 1/15/2007 9:53:59 PM
well my neighbour.. walks out of the house with a s*** in a plastic bag every morning because she has a dog and the most annoying thing is that she comes to my house and knocks on the door and says "SHE'S DONE ANOTHER... wanna see?" every night is poker night and she invites her fat friends from diet club over and they play with the dog in my front yard. they sometimes ask to use my dining table for a poker game, but what is really annoying is when she lets her dog sneak into my house and sleep in our fire place - the sad thing is that the dog never gets cleaned. she has just let her boyfriend move in with her and i am really suprised that she actually has one as she is so intolerant and not very good looking - which doesn't matter. he is not very nice, he cant cook - neither can she - so my nephew - who is a pizza boy - is in our street around six pm everynight delivering super size pepperoni double the cheese! i can smell it, and it smells disgusting, and they order three bottles of large coke, and they feed the dog mcdonalds. if they cant get mcdonalds because they are too lazy to go out to the car and drive five minutes up the road, they usually ring my house, which is really hard for them as the phone is upstairs, i give the dog my lovely buttered chicken roasts. they are very annoying ... luckily they are selling the house!
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