Annoying Neighbors

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Charlotte, North Carolina
Last Updated: 3/7/2003 8:15:38 PM
When my boyfriend and I moved from NY to NC, we thought we were escaping from all the screwed up people--we were wrong. Perhaps someone can offer suggestions on how to reciprocate the malicious action that our neighbor is doing against us. He has inserted some kind of silent amplifier system somewhere in his apt above us. This causes the floor to vibrate. It is unbearable when we try to sleep our bodies jerk and shake. Our puppy suffers the most, we're afraid this might cause him permanent neurological damage (we try to take him outside as much as possible). Since we're both looking for jobs, we have to deal with this har***ment all day. Whatever he uses also causes our ears to "pop and ring" like on airplane. Our landlords could not feel anything and think we're "off the wall" HELP TO ANYONE WHO CAN OFFERS WAYS THAT WILL MAKE HIM STOP!
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