Annoying Neighbors

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Hanson, Massachusetts, United States
Last Updated: 3/15/2007 2:45:27 PM
My entire neighborhood sucks! I almost hate the couple that sold us the house without telling us more than I hate the neighbors. The woman next door own her house plus this little shack that she calls a guest house. She rents it out to a guy who parties till 4:00AM EVERY weekend. He sells drugs to kids and rapes children. They vandalized my property twice and the useless cops told us there is nothing they can do because they did not "see" them do it. My husband was an eyewitness and they said its still not good enough. The neighbors use distgusting language, verbally and physically abuse their children, sell drugs, rape teenagers, litter on the street and in their own yard, party till 4:00AM on weekends, blast their music with no consideration for others, peel up and down the street in their cars, vandalize the neighborhood and worst of all get away with it all because the cops are too lazy to do anything about it! Hanson Sucks, my husband and I cannot wait to move away.
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