Annoying Neighbors

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St George, Utah, United States
Last Updated: 4/29/2007 2:47:59 PM
my neighbors are soooo annoying. they lie all the time i cannot escape getting into my car without some dumb story about him being a bodyguard for some famous fisherman... he said his brand new car exploded on the highway find out later he couldnt make the payments.there is trash everywhere above your waist pure junk d.i wouldnt even take it.. he washes his car without a shirt. and for the last 5 years its been his project to make the house he is in the ugliest house in the world... takes out all the grass puts in dirt takes off his shingle roof to put on an asphalt roof. i cannot stand him to make matters worse his white trash children are moving in.. they smoke and have no manners at all
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