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Tennessee, United States
Last Updated: 4/30/2007 7:49:17 PM
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I believe in free speech but I think others believe in it if it only suits there cause, or what they are trying to represent. Usually when someone exercises their free speech right and you just so happen not to agree with it, a normal person will and should turn the other cheek, turn off the television, or not interact with any literary publication that further expresses that view, but doing so just became a little difficult for me just a day ago. From now on every time I step out of my home I have to remind myself I believe in free speech and it is only a flag, a symbol of anotherís view. All the while questioning, what if I were to just display this huge representation of the epitome of what I believe on the front lawn of my property would my neighbor respect my 1st Amendment right, I think not.
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