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thanks, California, United States
Last Updated: 5/2/2007 3:32:44 AM
I live in a Co-op and my next door neighbors consist of a husband, wife, two teenagers, and two toddlers all crammed in a two-bedroom apartment. These people bang on the wall, throw things against the wall, drag things across their floor, play their music so loud that it vibrates and causes my pictures to shake, and slam their front door so hard that it sounds as if a bomb has exploded. I don't fault the toddlers but the teenagers and the two adults should know better. When I first moved in here, I hadn't even moved my belongings in yet and as I was waiting for the locksmith to arrive, they were continuously banging even then. The wife doesn't work and stays home all day majority of the time. At one point, I overheard the husband refer to her as a b****. Now, I wasn't trying to hear the turmoil but how could I not? If a man were to ever refer to me as b**** in my own house, he'll never step foot in it again and I'd cut him off. But what can I say, she probably has no backbone. They were yelling so loud god could hear them. One time, when the elevator stopped on the floor I live on, the teenage daugther exited and as I got on, I noticed that she PRESSED EVERY BUTTON so that the elevator would stop on each floor going down. I didn't say anything to her but it further convinced me that she has issues. Just recently, from time to time, they've taken to banging and tapping on the wall in the middle of the night. I sleep on a daybed and ever so often, as I either get up or get in it, the frame makes noise. I guess they mistook it as me making noise so they banged on the wall over something I really have no control over. Get this, they're on section 8 but the husband has a good job. Their landlord, whom I speak to from time to time, informed me that they always try to get out of paying their rent or are always late. In a way, I think he should've nipped that in a bud a long time ago.
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