Annoying Neighbors

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Temple City, California, United States
Last Updated: 5/22/2007 11:44:03 AM
Tha Asian man next door is beyond annoying. He slams his doors, he sits in his fsmily room and uses the remote on his car keys to constantly honk his car horn. He literally barks at the moon and stands in his yard and makes gagging sounds. He placed a camera in his kitchen window aimed at our house and watches us on a computer moniter. He and his wife do not speak, their son moved out years ago. He confirmed his father is mental but refuses medications! He did tell me the guns are gone from house! Oh goodie, at least the crazy man is unarmed. He does not work, is home all day barking, slamming things, gagging and watching us. Our patio and barbecue area is in his line of sight for the camera, we can't sit outside or entertain without this man acting up. To top it off, their house is getting rundown and unkempt and we have to look at it! We have put up with this for 10 years. Last 4th of July the wacko had a laser pointer aimed my husband while he was lighting fireworks! We are powerless to do anything, the local sheriffs' dept. says he can have the camera to watch his property!! Anybody got any ideas? All of mine include illegal stuff!
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