Annoying Neighbors

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very small town in NW, Iowa, United States
Last Updated: 5/23/2007 8:32:40 AM
He is a drunk and she likes to take off her close with the curtians and shades wide open, lights on and dark out side. He has been known to drink with his Dog's out side in the dog house, making our dog's bark. They call out to our dog's to make them bark. There brat will climb our fence or run past with her friends, teasing our dog's ,untill they bark. We deal with it, I have even talked to our town cop about the woman and if there's something we can do, were sick of it. He said , Talk to her about using her shades. Now because our Dog's killed a posseum & some bunnies that came into our yard, we were threatened that we need to keep our dog's locked up in there dog house at night, Or he said he would do something to them. He has dog's as well, they bark every day all during the day & we say nothing. we move in september, But my hate for them is building more and more every day. The guy is to much of a coward to come and talk to me, he call's my husband at work,instead of walking next door. Most people in town know about them, because there the tipe that sews the city for beer money, and they get it. How can I take care of this, I hate having my dogs locked up when it should be them.
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