Annoying Neighbors

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Boise, Idaho
Last Updated: 5/24/2007 2:20:52 PM
We've just moved from living underneath stompers to another apartment complex (won't we ever learn?) where the old neighbors' twins must live. For the last three or four nights, there was all the usual 2AM sounds that have been referred to in other stories on this website. And I sympathize with those who can't figure out how they are making the noises they do. That is probably more maddening than the actual noise itself. Only here, above us on the concrete walkway, they wouyld push shopping carts loaded with things down the walk to the elevator, the cart's wheels clackaclacking over the seams between the concrete sections. Twenty minutes later, or in just enough time to calm down and try to sleep, they would come back for more. I got up, put on my robe, grabbed a cigarette and hobbled upstairs. My left leg's sciatic nerve has been killing me because a vertebrate in my lower back won't cooperate with the chiropractor. When they made an encore, I mentioned the time of day and they said they were moving out. (Can you say, "Halleluia?") I said, "At two in the morning? What are you running from and why does it take four days, I mean nights, to move?" They said they couldn't stand the noise coming from the apartment above them. I was speechless for the first time in a long time. But the rest of the night was peaceful, for some reason.
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