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Mar Vista, California, United States
Last Updated: 5/24/2007 11:57:12 PM
These annoying people moved into our neighborhood about 5 years ago. They are the most ignorant and snooty people anyone could imagine!!! They build non-permitted storage sheds in their front yard (WITHOUT BUILDING PERMITS). One of our most valued neighbors had a devastating fire over a year ago and received severe burn injuries getting her 80 year old mother out of the house and going back inside to get her treasured pets out. This girl is the best neighbor anyone could ever hope to live near, AS the rebuilding of her house continues, these people had the nerve at christmas time to leave a note taped to the dumpster on the street in front of her home stating "please consider it a christmas present to the neighborhood and clean up your mess and get the toilet out of your front yard" signing it "the neighborhood" -You gotta love this girl, rather than cowering down to these &$*#?*@$, she bought some battery operated christmas lights and a santa claus and festively decorated the toilet they hated so much, complete with Santa sitting on the seat with roll of toilet paper in hand! These same #*%*$#&% neighbors now think the entire alley belongs to them, up and down the alley they have decided what people should have behind their homes and they are calling building and safety if there are a few scraps of wood behind someone's garage on their own property.
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Mar Vista Moles with legs part two
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Added: 5/25/2007 12:43:14 AM
Somebody finally called Dept. of Building and Safety on them for the illegal shed they built in their front yard, and they need over $3000.00, and everyone's signature of approval to keep it or else they have to demolish it! Looks like demo is a given on this block! Maybe time for one of those annomoyus flyers at the homeless shelters for the big labor day pool party and sleepover at their house... Can't wait for labor day!
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Added: 5/25/2007 12:57:13 AM
Little weasles now want to decide where people should park their cars! they called parking enforcement on her. Her rental house is around the corner from her home on a street with no curbs and sidewalks (the most awesome piece of property in this entire area!), parking enforcement wrote her a parking ticket for parking in her front yard, but later came back and cancelled the ticket because she was parked in front of her two garages! What is their problem!!!
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