Annoying Neighbors

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Lancaster, Kentucky, United States
Last Updated: 6/17/2007 10:51:56 PM
We "affectionately" call our neighbor Toothless. We moved into our home April 2006, unknowingly we had a suprise waiting for us next door. The first day my mother-in-law and I went to get breakfast and left my husband at home in bed. Upon returning he was awake and said that there had been someone in the house with him, it sounded like children running around. We thought he was crazy until a few weeks later the neighbors across the street said that the kids next door were going in our house while we were away. Not long after we met our new next door neighbors Toothless and hubby. Toothless had 2 children, a little girl that lived with her and a son that lived her father because he was fathered by her own brother. So they are obviously from the start not the smartest people in the world. We can't go outside on our own front porch without her coming over or listening to her talking so loudly on the phone you can hear her from a mile down the road. Her daughter randomly goes into houses when the door is unlocked, she curses the other neighbors and calls the police on anything that moves. Any ideas on how to get her out of or neighborhood? She's a renter on Section 8....
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