Annoying Neighbors

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San Marcos, California, United States
Last Updated: 7/17/2007 9:13:21 PM
8 years in these apartments and always reasonably quiet with friendly neighbors. Then a family with 2 kids moved in next door. They are recovering alcoholics that keep ALL windows open and fight constantly. They yell out the window at their kids playing across the complex grounds - against the rules. They played computer games, loud TV and music into wee hours of the night, woke me up with excessive noise at 5:15am every weekday, etc. During discussion they promised to do better, but it didn't help. The apt. manager talked to them several times, but finally told me to call the police. I placed two large speakers against their bedroom and living room walls and played Japanese drummers each time they made loud noises. That didn't seem to help so I created my own CD that emits low frequencies which easily penetrate the walls. Eight hours later, after 6 months of hell, the neighbor knocked at the door to make peace! The results were so spectacular, I decided to share the CD with others. You can purchase the CD or download the ISO file and burn your own CD at: The Dancing Devil CD is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or your money back. Stop the noisy neighbors now!
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