Annoying Neighbors

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London, Ontario, Canada
Last Updated: 7/18/2007 10:14:05 AM
I moved away from my old neighbourhood in the fall of 2006. My landlords there were really shady. They were harboring a convict. Couple of lawsuits about child abuse(not their children). We had a neighbour that got kicked out after lots of loud music complaints. Music so loud it would shake my windows. They would also shoot their guns off randomly. Not a pleasent thing to awake to. We left though and the new place is much nicer. Thick cement soundproof walls. Never even heard my neighbours (through the walls. the door lets sound in from the hall) My only complaint came at christmas. The people above me got a drum set. Who in their right F****** mind gets a drum set in a condo complex? I can understand wanting to play music. I have a bass guitar. That can be turned down. You can't drum quietly. He is pretty respectful with it usually between 3-6 in the afternoon. The only problem is I can hear it crystal clear. So I have had a rough day at work and have come home to have a nap and he starts up. Or I am trying to start my own business so I am working and trying to concentrate and he starts up and drives me nuts. What made them think that this was a good idea? I understand he is respectful about it but still it's a F****** drum set!!! After this I'm buying a house. No more apartments. But from what I have read dicks own houses too. :(
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