Annoying Neighbors

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turlock, California, United States
Last Updated: 7/20/2007 2:23:20 PM
our neighbors are old and they take care of their parents which are even older and they freak out cuz my kids spalsh water in the pool and they say its going to break their air cond. come on i had my air on and it rained last month nothing happened to mine then opps i left the water on and flooded my yard and theirs now they are really freaking out saying you shorted out our air but yet they are in th ehousr an the air seems on to me talk about annoying i think they need a new air conditioner so they are using this excuse to try to get us to pay for it i asked my cousin which works on AIR CONDIONERS and he says they are put out side because they are made to handle things like that duhhh old farts get real
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