Annoying Neighbors

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Last Updated: 8/3/2007 3:19:56 AM
I didn't check out the neighbors when we bought our home. Loved the home, didn't think bad neighbors existed. Neighbors were very close to the previous owners. Neighbor on my left complains when I water. Harrasses me when I water next to her side. It just so happens that my plants are on that side. These neighbors were very close to the prev. neighbors and probably should of had keys redone. Again, didn't think. Right after we moved in I started feeling real sick, smelling funny odor. After many attempts to gas company, they located in my basement smashed pipes to the flue system, which if I did not complain of dizziness, sickness, etc, gas man never would of located until it was too late. I am not implying that my neighbors did anything. But ever since We moved here, I could really feel the hatred. The neighbor on my right, only talks to me when she wants to complain about something. I don't know, maybe it's me,.. my neighbors back shed has a window that looks out to my back yard, and just for privacy matters, we put up a blind on our side, she reached through, grabbed the blind, and removed it stating that it blocked her view. If you look into her back yard, there is no view. Overgrown grass, unkept back yard. She keeps the front up good. Your guess is as good as mine. Both neighbors are women and live alone. I am married, and live with my husband. After getting tired of looking at the neighbor on my right, trash, old wood, and a real bad eyesore, I called code enforcement to ask what could be done. They told her, but on our side she has now put in cement with round pavers. I'm not sure where the property lines are. Well, that is just the beginning...
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