Annoying Neighbors

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No Calif, California
Last Updated: 8/25/2007 3:38:56 AM
We live in a nice neighborhood and have paid off our house and can't enjoy any aspect of living in it due to the situation next door to us. The neighbors do foster care and the situation is frequently out of control involving property damage and four or five police cars at a time to stop the frequent outbursts. We've actually been at the point where we fear for our personal safety. We've had far too much damage to our property and have little peace of mind with the noise & outbursts. There's frequently police cars arriving or ambulances taking someone away. We have asked for reimbursement for damages and are told that they are not responsible because they're "foster parents". We have called Children & Family Services and received a total run around. We have finally decided to sell our house and have found that the situation next door is affecting offers. Anyone else have a similar situation or a solution?
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