Annoying Neighbors

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canton, Ohio, United States
Last Updated: 8/26/2007 2:14:56 AM
Asinine old man loves lieing and getting into our business. Our neighbor next to us, let his cousin move in with him.Cousin brings along a stripper and another guy. Cousin gets drunk wrecks strippers' car into fence and tore our shed up. These people in their twentys have no JOB, and make noise into the five o'clock hour and sleep until two in the afternoon and then start all over again. This went on twenty four seven ,for a month straight. Called police many times in that time period. They shoot real guns off any time of the night,also auto paint gun and of course my dog barks at all the noise. The drugs and drinking and the filthy yelling and peeing onto our fence. Neighbor then made a silencer for his gun at his job and shot five bullets into our beautiful shar-pei house, killing her. Never knew until the next morning. The asinine old man that is across the street from us believes it was right to kill the dog, for reporting these people to the police. These people have drained oil out of our van and truck. My husband drove the van burnt the motor up. Checked the truck and put oil back in it. Police said be best to put up cameras. This asinine stirred other neighbors up and has put our lives in hell, with his tale bearing. someone is going to be killed if these people are not stopped. Still waiting on court for our dog's trial. If these over grown kids would get a JOB, they wouldn't have so much time on their hands. They bum off the other neighbors and steal. We are retired and never would have guessed we'd ever go through this with someone elses lazy chilren that will never be fit for this LIFE.
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