Annoying Neighbors

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Cutten Eureka, California, United States
Last Updated: 9/6/2007 5:01:58 PM
There are some days when I look out the window and wonder what the hell happened? Now it feels as if quiet neighbors are in the minority. It's just too much work to be considerate for most people now. Things weren't this bad 30 years ago. Of course there were jerks, but they were in the minority. Not so anymore. If you're the quiet neighbor, you're a dying breed. I think back to what neighborhoods used to be like. Kids yelled when they were playing, but usually an adult came out after a few minutes and told them to knock it off. Dogs barked, but usually there was someone home to bring them in if it lasted too long. People didn't swear at the top of their lungs. Phones were inside, so you didn't have to listen to someone yapping on their cell phone. There was just less noise, less traffic, fewer power tools, entertainment devices, and noise making gadgets. I live in a nice house but can't enjoy my back yard. There are so many jerks in my neighborhood that there is always something obnoxious going on. I'm not talking about the normal-level family-type stuff . . . but dogs barking unchecked for hours, children screaming for extended periods of time without adult intervention, teenagers riding up and down the street (illegally) on dirt bikes without helmets, people setting off fireworks (usually throughout the summer), cars idling on the street with radios blaring, weed whackers, gas mowers, power saws, leaf blowers, basketball games on the street after dark (often with loud adults playing), trailers being parked on the street year-round, even people walking by the house making no attempt to modulate their voices . . . why do people have to be so goddamn loud?
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