Annoying Neighbors

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sanford, Florida, United States
Last Updated: 3/14/2003 9:22:33 AM
i live next door to a 22 year old mother with 3 kids..all under 6 of age..i have had to report them numerous times to dcf...which is a joke in itself...because of all the hollering and vicious fighting that goes on over there...after the first time i reported them, the father of the children then raped the l4 year old babysitter and is now in jail..of course, after that it only got worst...i had to pull her neglected rotweiller off her oldest kid while she slept on the couch...and wake her up when her 2 sons, both in diapers escaped the backyard and were running down the street alone..the paternal grandmother and matriach of this mess is always on the kids side...she never sees anything wrong with any of this arrangement she set use to be her house but she moved so her son, now in jail, and this idiot woman could live off the system and have a house to do it in...there have been so many kids over there trying to live and help the mother but it always ends up in a kid actually eneded up getting beat up because he , like me, reported the mother to dcf...oh yeah, the grandmother use to work for dcf and would check the record to see who called in a report on this fabulous mother...i live in fear and am under constant noise and verbal abuse from them because they dont think anyone should tell them what to do...blah, blah, blah,..this is really the pits!!!!
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