Annoying Neighbors

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red bluff, California, United States
Last Updated: 11/12/2007 12:32:16 AM
Since posting my last opion of my evergrowing neighbor changes, Some of them have seized to annoy while the others have become more f***ed up and annoying. This one right across from us now put up a chain link fence in his yard and keeps his noisy dogs out front so they bark at every little thing they see. Which point in fact he lives right next to the mail boxes in which 36 homes come to this location to get their mail....! Today we were out in our front yard washing our car together(50 feet and across the street) and his pesty mid-sized dogs would not stop barking at us. Did you think he came out to shut them up or move them? No, they just kept barking until they got tired or hoarse. Point in fact he was the one always talking trash about other neighbors and their pesky dogs,cats, or their different lifestyles until I told him his proper place when he tried his bull crap about our dog when she got loose one time. (she likes to chase cats for fun and not the kill, We have a cat too!). I pray he comes to his senses soon!
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