Annoying Neighbors

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Shakopee, Minnesota, United States
Last Updated: 10/10/2007 10:18:55 AM
We are renting a townhome in Shakopee. The first year we were there, everything was fine. Then one day our neighbor stops us as we are leaving, with both of our small children in the car and the windows rolled down. He begins to cuss us out right in front of the kids, for having our music up too loud. First of all, the music was NOT that loud and second, why couldnt he come tell us nicely to turn it down? He tells us that we are 'just renters' and have no rights and if we buy the unit we are living in then we can listen to music as loud as we want to. Our "loud music doesnt make his mortgage bill any less". Well duh, moron. So then, my little sister is visiting and has a friend come over. Well this friend brings some friends she has never met, and one of the kids proceeds to kick the sprinkler heads off around our houses. The neighbor comes out and cusses out these kids and demands that they bring him $400 the next day to pay for the sprinklers (that he doesnt own, the neighborhood association does). So I tell the kid to NOT pay this guy. He has NO right to make the kid give HIM $400 for property that he doesnt own. So I have the kid get in touch with the homeowner association, and the sprinklers get fixed. Well our jerky neighbor decides to retaliate against US. He decides he wants to have us evicted. And then he decides to steal our air conditioning breaker box so that our air doesnt work in the middle of the SUMMER. When our breaker box disappeared, a lock mysteriously appeared on his own breaker box. What a mystery. So we have to pay to have someone come out and tell us it has been stolen, and then pay to order a new one. So that gets fixed. I confronted him about it and he acted all innocent but we know it was him. I hate this guy. His name is Chad and he's a real a-hole. We move out in March and I wish I could think of something really good to do to him before we go, but we arent like him.
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