Annoying Neighbors

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Alliance, Ohio, United States
Last Updated: 3/11/2008 3:29:42 PM
My annoying neighbor has made her way around the block of telling untrue stories on kids and adults. She started calling the police and Child Services on the house next to her. Apparently, they didn't do what she wanted, so she kept calling the police. Then it was spreading stories about people. "The guy in this house sells drugs." "The guy in that house is an alcholic." Now she started on my daughter. Supposedly, my daughter and the two teens across the street are having a three-way. She went to another neighbor's house last night to plead her case, I guess. "There's a petition going around with everyone's names on it who have issues with me. I keep to myself and don't know why they're doing this." Right. Walking around the block 6 or 7 times a day is keeping to yourself? I think not.
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