Annoying Neighbors

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surfside, South Carolina, United States
Last Updated: 7/2/2008 2:10:33 PM
When we moved into this subdivision, it was ok not great but ok. Now the college age men across the street won't mow their grass. An elderly woman down the street mowed it because it was chest high and they stood and watched! Luckly, code enforcement was called on them and they received a 100.00 fine. But the main thing is that a big family of Mexicans moved in right behind me and there is no screen on the upstairs window. She lets her little toddler hang out of the window. And actually puts her curtains outside of the window and shuts it. This curtain is dirty, torn and blows around. The thing is, sitting here, it is the only thing I can see. My eyes are drawn straight to it. Can anyone tell me why the curtain has to be that way? Their junk ( transmissions, chairs, sheetrock) ect. is all over the place and last year their shed blew down and landed in my pool. And no one came over to remove it or see if there were any damages. We have one neighbor who's dogs bark constantly, and another that plays drums as loud as he can with the windows open. HOA's that is a big joke!!! OUR NEIGHBORHOOD IS ALMOST A SLUM!
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