Annoying Neighbors

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Last Updated: 9/1/2008 11:11:31 AM
Me and my boyfriend moved into our dream apartment back in February. We 'share' a balcony with our next door neighbours in that it's split in half with only glass separating us. Being Ontario and rather cold during the winter, we had no contact with our neighbours until the snow thawed and we started using our balcony. Our neighbours are a couple probably the same age as us - mid 20s. They insist on keeping their balcony door open and blaring music any time they are home. They will sit on the balcony and talk so loudly that we are forced to listen to every word they say (all of which is pretty ridiculous). A part of me thinks they are too stupid to realise how loud they are, or maybe they just don't care. It's gotten to the point where I can't sit outside, or even leave the balcony door open on a nice weekend day because I am forced to listen to their ridiculous banter and loud music. I wouldn't mind if it was one day a week, but taking up both prime weekend days isn't fair. The latest development is that they've put a tacky flag up on their side of the glass so that now we can see it too. I guess not that we get to spend any time out there anyway! They're very selfish people.
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