Annoying Neighbors

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Santown, Ohio
Last Updated: 9/20/2008 7:22:54 PM
My Special friends...the Cks C for crazy & K for the last name of the clan. 2 wks ago the husband, who is never home, decided to come home around 11pm drunk out of his mind. Unfortunately the police had also decided to tag along behind him. It was quite entertaining watching him attempt the field sobriety tests. All his excuses were also interesting. Then the wife comes outside. They say get all the stuff out of the truck before the wrecker comes to take it to impound. I was really hoping she would drop the tailgate and remove his cooler that he keeps stocked with beer on ice. So while she is doing this hubby is busy screaming " The #!^*ing neighbor (which he would be speaking so highly of me)called on me". He did this several times until the police got tired of hearing it. They told him they had followed him from several blocks away and that they figured out all by themselves that he was drunk. I have never called the police on these idiots. Now he is in the cruiser which is a good thing because his wife has his cellphone and is apparently speaking to a woman claiming to be the husband's girlfriend. I believe the wife must have told the girlfriend he was unavailable because he was sitting in a cop car being arrested for a DUI. The wife speaking extremely loud voice announced this to everyone in a 2 block radius. Also she added the girlfriend said they had been together for a longtime (humm- is this why is he hardly ever at home EVER) and that she will be boosting him out of jail. The police told her not to answer the phone anymore. So the police take him away. Guess what 2 hrs later the husband is back and they are fighting in the front lawn. He is screaming that he is looking at 5 to 10 yrs because this is his fifth DUI. Then he realizes where he is at and says "shut up before the #!^"ing neighbor calls the cops". Anyway after some more arguing the husband ends up walking to the corner bar.
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Added: 9/28/2008 4:27:46 PM
I feel sorry for you living near hillbilly drunken trash like that! I have s***ty neighbors myself so I know exactly how you feel. This guy has had 5 DUIS & is still driving?! Sounds like they need to lock him up for a good long time. I hate people like that. They should impose the death penalty on people who repeatedly drive drunk.
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