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Last Updated: 5/2/2003 9:43:31 PM
I am at my wits end about what to do about our neighbors. We live on a fairly quiet street but since our house is the only one with a fenced in back yard all the neighbor- hood kids end up here most of the time...mainly during the summer months. I don't mind them playing and we don't have any trouble out of any of the children except one. He is very destructive, it seems he can't come over to play without destroying something here. We have tried to be nice and explain to him that if he doesn't stop he will no longer be allowed to come to our house. But what really gets me is he goes home and tells his parents he didn't do anything(even though we saw him) and that we are just picking on him. And instead of coming to talk directly with us they take it upon themselves to inform everyone they see that we are picking on their child, when all we want is for him to stop thinking he can do whatever he likes while on our property. I put up with it all last summer and I refuse to tolerate his behavior any longer even if his parents wish to ignore it. Please help me, what can I do and still keep peace? Or is that even possible when his parents refuse to belive he ever does anything wrong and refer to us as "dumb S.O.B.'s"
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