Annoying Neighbors

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Sooke , British Columbia, Canada
Last Updated: 5/8/2003 5:17:35 PM
Well I have read all the other posts & have to agree, some neighbours are absolutely lost when it comes to getting along, I have a basketball hoop that I have placed upon our centre Island in our little cul-de-sac. Our neighbours "Chuck & Elaine" (age late 70’s early 80’s) have had a problem with kids & balls rolling onto their property since before we moved in. So this day, my children & some friends from the area (all 6 range in age from 10 to 16) started to play soccer in my yard, after school & they were doing a great job of keeping the ball in the yard, but then the inevitable happened & the ball rolled out on the road and down their driveway some. When the older boy retrieved the ball both Chuck & Elaine started in!! Elaine demanded the ball from my daughter & called her a “little b****”! My girl said “no” that it was her ball and Elaine said that she would call the RCMP if she didn’t get the ball; well my daughter gave it up. Chuck was then giving the others a hard time and saying that the older 2 boys were perverted because they played with the younger children on the block. Elaine had gone into the house with the ball & called the RCMP anyway. My wife & the RCMP arrived at the same time to find Chuck demanding the removal of the hoop & to have the children not play in my yard. The RCMP then told Chuck that he didn’t have this right outside of his property & that the hoop was not an issue & that it was his fence that could be removed & now, Elaine, in their house, was arguing over the soccer ball with the other officer, who had to demand the ball back. Once she returned with the ball & Chuck was told, that by driving into his driveway from the left of the cul-de-sac, he was making a traffic violation (this really upset him) & that he had no cause to call the police. Chuck & Elaine then started a tirade against the RCMP’s abilities who just ignored them. Still things remain the same & I have no idea where this insanity will next rear its ugly head.
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