Annoying Neighbors

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Vancouver, Washington, United States
Last Updated: 5/10/2003 8:54:27 PM
I've had two sets of neighbors upstairs since i've moved in. The first set had this obsessive tendency to vacuum between 11:30 pm-1:30am every night. The new ones who have been here about 2 months listen to this horrible crap music with the most redundant b***lines i have ever heard. And they choose to blast this crap when I'm studying or sleeping. I try to be reasonable but there is no reason with these guys. Also their door is right above my bedroom window and their friends knock (some pound and yell) and stomp in and out at ungodly hours of the night (3-5 am). I've been up there once to ask them to turn it down and that worked for about a week. Now all I can do is pound on the ceiling and blast MY music, unfortunately I don't listen to the same kind of crap they do and my b***lines are much more pleasant to listen to. The weirdest thing is they had a party (started about 11 or so) about a week ago but decided to keep the music OFF until 2 am... makes sense to me.
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