Annoying Neighbors

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Last Updated: 5/10/2003 11:46:42 PM
Ugh, well I live in an aparment building and the last neighbor I had way too many kids, and they moved, then this college grad chick moves in and one night I got home late and took a shower and she gets all pissed because she has this prestigious job and needs perfect no noise sleep and so complains to the landlord that I took a shower and that she had to work the next day, and so the next night I get home around midnight, ready to take a shower before going to bed and glad to find she isnt home, so I get upstairs and she pulls in, great, well i get in the shower and she starts banging on the wall, its seems as though since she just got out of college, she would be use to alot of noise, but Im not going to build my life around hers, shesh!
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