Annoying Neighbors

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Richmond, Indiana, United States
Last Updated: 7/20/2009 6:58:14 PM
For the past 5 years now my neighbor has had her grandkids live with her. Now the neighbor is perfectly fine by herself but her grandkids. Holy hell. Lets start with the first one who we will call Bob, he is the oldest of the bunch, which also leads to him being the rudest and loudest. He will yell at kids that are more than half way down the street, he will curse scream and throw rocks at you and your property. The middle one who we will call Jose, is a little be bit worse than bob in the cursing department. It can be 3 in the morning and all of a sudden you will hear a little kid yell out a curse word. He is also the one who will wake you up in the morning with loud noises. The youngest who we will call Mary, I don't mind so much I mean unlike her brothers she is very well mannered and doesn't curse the only problem I have with her is she runs around the street naked and she is 11 years old. Now the grandmother always says "let kids be kids". Ok how about I let kids be kids all over your yard and stealing your stuff. I have 3 police reports filed on these kids for STEALING, trespassing and damage of property. Its stupid. Then I can't even go in my backyard anymore because these kids will sit and stare at you. Even if I am picking up my dogs droppings, they will watch. Its friggen annoying you can't even have privacy in your own back yard because these kids will sit there and watch your every move.
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