Annoying Neighbors

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avondale, Louisiana, United States
Last Updated: 7/26/2009 6:43:41 PM
My neighbor which lives two houses across and her daughter which lives 2 houses to the left of me are control freaks. I have had problems from an incident over a dog 5 years ago, which I immediately tried to apologize for. Also her daughter needed to apologize also since her dog was at my front door. She calls code enforcement on me all the time, even though I have permits. I am in the process of tearing a big shed down and have a permit. As soon as she could see over my fence, she called code again 2 times. Now I have to take the time to straighten this out. I get along with everyone in the neighborhood except her and her daughter.She is a vengeful person. She goes around with this false Mary Poppin front, but if you piss her off, LOOK OUT. I am not the only neighbor she has went after, she called social services on her daughter's neighbor because her cat got on her daughter's truck. I feel like I living in Hitler's era with this woman.
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