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Alma, Michigan, United States
Last Updated: 8/12/2009 5:55:52 PM
Mark and Sue Smoker are my wretched wicked neighbors. They have made my life a living hell . I moved in to a beautiful house at 935 Glencoe road in alma michigan on 2-1-2009. The first week I moved in they called the police on me at 4:00am for a noise complaint. The funny thing is my home is sound proof. I was never ticketed . Two months later I had a BBQ with some friends and family . There was around 15 adults and 8 children outside on my deck and back yard having a good time when out of the blue sue smoker came into my yard and started yelling at me. She stated that she and her family felt threatened by my dog and that she felt her familys lives were in danger. I stated to her that my dog was sleeping on the deck. She In return started pointing in my face and yelling at me . Sue smoker said if she ever found dog crap in her yard that she would throw it at my house. I called her stupid and asked her to exit my property and told her she was disturbing my BBQ and making a fool out of her self. A week later I came home from a14 hour shift of work to cat s*** smeered all over the side of my house! I was psycodicly enraged ! Who the he'll does that ! My dog never s*** in there yard. I have a so year old stafshire terrier and her crap looks nothing like cat turds. I reported it to the police and they said it was hear say and I couldn't proove a thing. So a month goes by and a police officer calls me at work s and states mark and sue smoker said my dog was running the neighborhood and they felt there lives were in danger. The police officer said he had stopped by my house and rang the door bell and heard my dog barking. So my dog was in the house so I de again I wasn't issued a ticket. A week later I was issued a ticket from a police officer for dog at large when my dog was in my house and I was at work . That little ticket osted me 400.00 cash that I could have used to by my children school clothes.
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here's what you should do
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Added: 10/14/2009 11:00:19 PM
instead of paying tickets you know you dont deserve, how about getting mini cameras and setting them up so you can moniter your house and your dog. since she is lying, you can get proof and get her in trouble for filing false complaints. also, they have small cams at radio shack relativly cheap that you can watch via internet. so good luck!
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Added: 11/6/2009 12:41:43 AM
I agree- you'll have proof the dog was in your house then you can sue her for harassment and the money back.
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