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panamacity, Florida, United States
Last Updated: 11/4/2009 4:06:48 PM
my neighbors,are first slobs and his mother comes and cleans there house every weekend.they have two pitbulls. who according to them are not vicious but are having pinned 2 girls walking down the street on my porch,an old black man riding his bike down the street.which another neighbor beat them back with a stick.the dogs attacked a poodle and bit him severly.through all of this animalcontrol has done nothing.this jerk also mows his yard at night at night ive seen this silly f*** mow his back yard in the dark.i also suspect them of taking my dog of his chain.and dropping him off somewere cant find him my 2 girls loved that mut.lets see theve also cussed me and my wife out the police say as long as the do this 50ft.away were in no danger and thell trying very hard not to go to jail over this but i dont no how much longer i can take this s***.
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poisoned meat
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Added: 11/6/2009 12:00:53 AM
as much as I'm an animal lover those dogs sound dangerous- I'd feed them poisoned meat.
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