Annoying Neighbors

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Malvern, Arkansas, United States
Last Updated: 11/12/2009 3:20:29 PM
If your family has been walking upright for at least the last two generations, do not even think about moving to my neighborhood, esp. if you are a minority. I live outside a small town in a rural area you think it would be safe, think again. My home has been vandalized (swastika painted on house), I am constantly being harrassed by people throwing trash on my lawn, everything from beer bottles to condoms, cars drive by slowly as if watching our home, and before we installed a fence, someone was constantly tresspassing on our property. Also, as an added treat there is the wonderful aroma of meth being cooked and various types of unmufflered vehicles in the early morning hours. Unfortunately, these knuckledraggers live almost next door to us. We cannot afford to move and the police seem helpless to do anything about this behavior. I thought I might save someone else the heartache of moving here, even though I cannot escape. So, if they tell you about the wonderful schools and country living, be assured they mean only for whites who breath through their mouths! No offense to caucasian mouth breathers, I am sure some of you are very nice people, sadly, I live next door to the ones who give you all a bad name. Signed "Tired of PWTs"
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