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The Woods, United States
Last Updated: 3/21/2010 1:32:07 PM
there are many things that i loathe about Adam & Eve, my Eastern European neighbors of 6 months. but the main thing is their love of having loud, drunken monkey love in their shower. that would be fine, except that their shower is approximately 6 ft from our bedroom. which would be fine, if there was more than a piece of plywood separating us at that juncture of the apartment. whenever we've tried to talk to them about different apt issues, they pretend they don't speak english.
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Added: 5/12/2010 8:56:44 PM
If it bothers you at night while sleeping,get ear plugs or play very loud music when they are being naughty in the shower.If they complain to you about the music,pretend you dont speak or understand english.Also write a letter to the landlord and manager about your concerns.
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