Annoying Neighbors

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eugene, Oregon, United States
Last Updated: 2/1/2011 9:54:42 PM
Party till 4am and 6am playing the same Jondra music over and over all night long...leave glass and trash in nabors yards the noise is so load it vibrates the house and refuse to turn it down even after several times of yelling at them.the Eugene police don't come intill the party about over and so far have only gave them warnings, NO CITATIONS!!! over 50 collage age kids dancing and screaming at time.I have call the police several time but they(the annoying nabors) don't care because the police only tell them to turn the music down and fail to site them.NO CONSIQUENCES!!!Iv'e lost not just sleep but work and my sons sleep and i believe school work has I will persue legal action against the owner and renters and ? police department for neglagence in doing there job!....ongoing noise for about 1 yr. pissed off and fed up!!! Mark
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