Annoying Neighbors

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New Rochelle, New York, United States
Last Updated: 2/2/2011 3:59:40 AM
The people that live at 76 Lincoln Street New Rochelle 10801 that live upstairs are nasty people have no respect and steal money from Govermental agencies. If you live downstairs they will tell you to pay xxx amount of dollars over the rent, will not let you use the driveway. Will yell at your guests if they are the wrong color. Yes they are NASTY! Michelle the wife constantly talks about her cousin that lives next door. Calls her a fat piece of s*** and points out her wrong doings (but smiles in her face) Brian the husband has no clue how Michelle talks about his family.... His sister needs to leave him alone and how nasty and rotten her kids are. How she is tired of his Mother and her s*** in her house. It is not a storage area! How the House is hers and her family's not Brians. They stalk you out the window whenever you leave or come home and check your garbage. They are not nice people and talk about everyone but themselves.
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Added: 2/20/2011 12:25:35 PM
Report them to the govt and give them all the info you got.Then they got to investigate the $ situation.Otherwise ignore them and if they get in your face for something,look at them smile and walk away.Dont argue with them as it will just get them madder.
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