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Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 2/22/2011 6:15:05 PM
I live about two blocks from a Middle School. I live in a descent home, with pretty descent and normal neighbors, in a nice area. Except for one house, that is, the house directly across from me annoys the s*** out of me. My house is only about ten feet from the road, and my bedroom/office is on the front side of my house on the second floor, with two windows facing the road and one facing my driveway, which is next to the house and goes the length of the property. This kid across the street, maybe 14 or 15, has a 4wheeler and a snowmobile, that i hope blow up. he finds enjoyment in starting his 4wheeler just to rev it a few minutes and shut it off. he does this every half hour or so, all day long. (he is doing this as i speak) now and then, he will ride up the road about 200ft, turn around and come back. a few times a day, he will cross the road and go up my driveway and through my yard to the field behind my house, where he rides for about ten minutes and comes back down my driveway and crosses the road back to his house. with the snowmobile, he does the same thing, but its even more annoying because the metal skis on the snowmobile are very load when he goes on the road and up my driveway. i could handle the kid riding his 4wheeler or snowmobile for an hour every couple days, but every single day, from about 3 to about 8, he consistently revs engines and makes noise and annoys all the neighbors. i am debating calling the cops.
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