Annoying Neighbors

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San Diego, California, United States
Last Updated: 5/9/2011 2:19:20 PM
I live in Scripps Ranch, a boring suburban tract-home area that is made even worse by the hordes of obnoxious kids, who -- frequently joined by their rude parents-- INSIST ON USING THE STREET AS A PLAYGROUND! Almost every day, a bunch of punk kids (ranging from around 8 to maybe 18) USE OUR GODDAMNED STREET AS A FUCKIN' PLAYGROUND -- AND FORCE ME TO WAIT AS THEY (very slowly) get out of the way as I enter or leave my own driveway! They've erected a f***in' portable basketball backboard in the STREET -- just a few feet from our yard -- and kids from all over now use the thing and make a ton of noise! We also have constant football games and baseball "practice" -- as well as skateboarding -- right in front of our house. The PARENTS not only condone it -- but some of these dips***s PARTICIPATE! BUT WAIT -- THERE'S MORE! DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM OUR HOUSE ARE FOLKS WE CALL THE "STREET PEOPLE" -- who have gatherings in their FRONT yard. (They also park huge motor homes on the street from time to time!) WHY THE HELL CAN'T THESE FUCKERS USE ONE OF THE MANY, CLOSE, SAFE, WELL-MAINTAINED PARKS, BALLFIELDS AND BASKETBALL COURTS? WHY THE HELL CAN'T THEY "PARTY" IN THEIR BACK YARDS? Also, throw in *little punk kids who scream like banshees *gardners and residents who insist on using ear-splitting chainsaws, leaf blowers, mowers and other obnoxious machines *dogs who bark constantly *firemen who insist on using their sirens at the drop of a hose.... and this place is a real CLUSTERFUCK! (For a variety of reasons, it's IMPOSSIBLE for us to move!)
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