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Grove City Gary Gotshall, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 7/9/2011 11:31:38 AM
I live in an apartment building with three floors. I live on the second floor. I never had a problem with my upstairs neighbors up until about a year ago. An old fart and his old wife will not stop STOMPING at all hours of the day and night! I tried hitting the walls but that cause the old bastard to come downstairs and beat on my door and threaten me with physical harm. I called the landlord and he came over to talk to us. He essentially blamed me for antagonizing the guy upstairs with my wall banging and said the people upstairs were just walking normally. He didn't say walking normally for a full sized bull elephant. The landlord called the next day to discuss this issue. I said ok I will stop hitting the walls and ceiling if the neighbor would quit stomping. I was told it was my fault for choosing a second floor apartment. Excuse me this was the only apartment available at the time! I have NO privacy! No matter what room I go into they follow me all over the apartment! I am in the kitchen or bathroom or living room or bedroom on the phone and they walk to that side of the apartment and get real quiet and listen to me talking through the window! Then if I say anything rude about the neighbors the neighbors start stomping even harder! Well don't listen if you don't like what is being said about you! I cannot talk about any subject without them listening. It is illegal to listen to private phone conversations without a court order! If I say I can't take this noise anymore or something similar they stomp! I cannot talk in my own apartment! I am afraid to say anything that will get me in trouble with the law even if it is just a joke cause these idiots would report me! I cannot shower or use the toilet without them following me! Just now they went 'STOMP" cause I told them to knock off the stomping! I get in trouble for making noise but because they suck up to the landlord they can do whatever they want!
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