Annoying Neighbors

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Last Updated: 7/10/2011 9:58:34 PM
alright people i don't have an annoying neighbor alright i'm going to tell u how to make ur neighbors scared of u or make them stop what they do if its a music or party and their backyard gate is locked then get a shotgun blow off the lock aim the gun and say if u don't turn down that music in the next 5 seconds i'm gonna turn it off myself with this shotgun. next barking dogs take a recorder record the dogs barking and play it back louder. trespassing tell them that if they don't stop coming on to the property u'll call the sheriff well in oklahoma thats what what u call the chieft of police is the sheriff. vandalism put up cameras catch em in the act take pictures. for cars in front of ur house if at first the note on the car don't succeed have it towed if it happens again blow out the tires and cut the fuel line make sure u cut it to look like its had wear and tear on it so u can't get caught then hire a couple people to push it to there house. if they stomp well do it back louder. if its smoking well then i don't know how ur gonna get rid of a smoker unless u call the health department. if some of these don't work do it over and over again til they get what u mean "business"
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