Annoying Neighbors

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Kettering, Ohio, United States
Last Updated: 10/5/2013 10:38:05 PM
I live next door to a guy named D. Breidenbach. Every single time my family and I stepped outside, we saw him standing or sitting in front of his house staring at us. Whenever we came home, he came out and yelled at us. He made racist comments to us and cursed at us every single time he saw us. He even threaten to harm me many times. He smokes several times a day, and a lot of times I saw cigarette butts in front of my house (not right by the side road, but right in front of my house), but mostly I saw them on the side of my house right where he parks his truck. One time when I was home, I saw him snooping in my backyard and looking in our back door. I went to get my camera, but he saw me and ran off. He followed me several times. The recent one was for an hour. At first it was just a coincidence, but an hour of him right behind me was no coincidence. I know he followed me because I made a lot of turns on purpose at every street, and he did the same. I went around the circle, and he did the same thing. There is no way it was a coincidence since he followed me for an hour and made every turn like I did. I had to speed up to be able to lose him. Today I witnessed him put a beer bottle right under my left back tire. I had to come out to kick the bottle away from my tire. He pulled out of his driveway as I was going outside to kick the bottle away from my tire, and after I kicked the bottle away and as I was about to go inside, I saw him parked next to the bushes and stared right at me. We made eye contact, and then he drove away. After I went inside, I saw him pulled up to his driveway, picked up the bottle and took it with him. When I went outside, I noticed a beer bottle (could be that same one?) right in front of my yard. I looked over at his driveway and saw he came home. My family and I witnessed he threw trash and tree branches in our yard many times. We tried to confront him about it, but he doesn't stop. We tried to ignore him, but the harassment got worst
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