Annoying Neighbors

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San Diego, California, United States
Last Updated: 7/17/2012 6:04:22 PM
We have "new" neighbors next door who bought the house, not renting. They were so sweet and shy like when they casually knocked on my door to ask about the neighborhood before they moved in...the night they moved in I thought he was killing her with all the blood curdling screams and things being dropped. I called the cops non-emergency number b/c I really thought someone was dying! Oh no, he practically bragged about it the next week. OMG. What am I in for? (is what I was thinking) Well, that was just the beginning of what is now; a dog with almost no hair on its body b/c it gets yelled at constantly for things like sitting in the wrong chair, or peeing in the wrong spot of the 4 x 15 ft yard, locked up in the garage all day, never walked..the list goes on. The girlfriend gets yelled at for taking longer than 1 minute to do something, or for what seems like nothing at all--anyone else who has ever lived there has never been heard in the 8 yrs I have lived next door, but these ppl let us hear EVERYTHING including their sex lives! YUK. If I wanted to watch porn, I would, but now I don't need to. They are either yelling or having sex--there is no middle ground. It is stressful for the other neighbors who live around their house mainly b/c they do a lot of their yelling outside! WTH! I wish I could do something about them...but what is it that I can do??!!
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