Annoying Neighbors

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kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Last Updated: 5/9/2013 9:53:02 PM
ok so in january i moved in to a new mobile home i met the lady next door by her telling me i cant have my porch light on then she proceded by camplaining to management ive gotten a ton of written complaints then since she didnt get what she wanted because i wasnt doing anything wrong she started calling the police my plumbing was out and after she saw the plumber she called the cops saying my boyfriend was pissing out side we had bottles to prove otherwise then she called the health department about garbage that wasnt even near her the lady that came out laughted and couldnt find anything wrong since ive moved in here i got new tires and every night their full and i wake up to them on the ground ive caught her and my property at 1 am with a flashlight and the newes thing is she called my two year old daughter a b**** because she was playing on the grass not even on her side im so dont with this woman ive talked with my other neibors and they have had the same problems yet manaement has sent me 6 letter and shes still living here its time to do pest control and get the problem out no way at least 3 other people has had the same issues if she wasnt the problem
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