Annoying Neighbors

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Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Last Updated: 5/18/2013 7:14:22 PM
I have endured 6 years of constant complaining from my neighbor who I shall call fat a**. He woke me up one morning to tell me that my cat had left paw prints on his car..Hmm last I checked my cat has been in the house and there's a thousand cats in this town,, lets get some forensics involved and find out who's cat it really is.. He would constanly complain about everything he was never happy. Did the roofing he sent us the bill saying the nails in his yard punctured his lawn mower's tire he wasn't even on his lawn mower.. Gave us a vet bill cause he said our male cat attacked his cat and all along he was sleeping on the sofa.. We've tried to ignore this nuissance neighbor from hell but he just kept leaving notes on our door and calling my landlord who r my in-laws reporting everything we did around the house. Fianlly he harrassed my step daughter and I snapped. I finally had to call the Police cause I have had enough.. He says "Oh I guess I will have to start minding my own business then,,,DUH..You just admitted to the police that you were not minding your own business..BUSTED.... now I have the entire OLD farts neighborhood wanting to hang me lol...My heart is not broken.. I think it's time they all know what he really is.. A hypocryte and a liar..
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