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Clearfield, Utah, United States
Last Updated: 5/30/2013 5:31:44 PM
My terrible neighbor started off as a friend, well sort of since I felt sorry for she is in all fairness very lonely and most likely suffering from depression. However she is extremely needy she will come to your door (we live in apartments) at 1 am and get mad if you don't answer the door, saying "what ya f---ing ducking me?" If her kids have a problem with other kids she won't simply talk to the child and find out what happened or the other child parents for that matter she will threaten the other child! or "confront" the other child which is her way of saying she screamed swear words at the other child. Her daughters are 7 and 10 and obsessed with sex they have accused several boys of molesting them including my son who wasn't even home at the time they claim the incident supposedly occurred. He was at a birthday party 5 miles away! Since she has taken to flipping off my son when she sees him, laughing and telling my son 9 year old "I hope that hurt you little f---er" when he crashed his scooter she bothers the neighbors around her so much that they hardly come outside anymore because she either tries to start drama or bums cigarettes from everyone never paying them back. Her kids steal bikes if they are not locked up or inside then she will call the cops saying her kids are being harassed when the other parents say "please stop stealing my son/daughters bike" She is also not a big bather causing offense to anyone who stands within arms length of her. so there she is my awful neighbor. sorry I didn't have an actual story so to speak just needed to vent. if you are in Clearfield Utah do not rent at heather estates cause she will be your neighbor too! oh one more thing she was jealous that a neighbor bought a new truck so she pooped in it!
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Added: 6/2/2013 8:14:20 AM
The awful neighbor was warned by management to stop harassing the other neighbors after several people complained and even threatened to break their leases, I guess management freaked when they realized how much money she was going to cost them! She now goes on her back patio to smoke doesn't talk to anyone and keeps her kids in line yay!!
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